Ear Candles / Candling

Ear candling is an ancient and natural therapy thought to of been started by the Indians . The candles are made from Beeswax, Honey Extracts and many other natural ingredients and shaped into a long slightly coned shape.


Clients have reported success in treating balance and inner ear problems, build up of wax, ringing in the ears, tinnitus, hearing difficulties and sinus problems as well as colds, ‘flu, sore throats, stress, headaches and migraines. The treatment is suitable for children and is a good alternative for people who have found syringing uncomfortable.


Many clients find the treatment relaxing. As well as the relieved feeling that comes from reduced pressure in the ears and sinuses, clients may experience a general calming effect.





  • One treatment ORGANIC Ear Candle            £30
  • Course of 4 Treatments                                £100
  • One treatment AROMATHERAPY Ear Candle  £33 
  • Course of 4 Treatments                                £110