Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic lashes adhered one by one to your existing eyelashes. They are almost weightless, feel and look completely natural and are available in different lengths to create your desired effect. There is between 50 to 150 lashes applied to each eye to create the look that you wish.  

They are skillyfully applied using special bonding technique, it is very relaxing to have done, you just lie back whilst they are applied.


They last as long as your natural eyelashes as your eyelashes are always falling out and regrowing in the normal cycle, generally they should last between 3 to 4 weeks, and then with regular infill treatments they will last even longer.  It is common to loose a few in the first 24 hours.  


Maintenance is very easy, you can wear masacara but you will find with more fuller eyelashes you will use this less, you can use normal masacara as long as it is not oil based.


The treatment lasts approx 2 hours to have a full set of extensions applied.



Full Set of Eyelash Extensions :  £65 SAVE £20 Normally £85


Infill Maintenance                        £30

Recommended every 3 weeks